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Tulsa Oklahoma

Dog Training



Practical, Friendly, Real Solutions for your dog

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We approach dog training and dog boarding as skilled crafts, with reverence and hard work. This is our calling, and here we know that dogs are individual, thinking beings. We pride ourselves on being the skilled, realistic professionals you can trust!


Downtown Dog in the Country is bespoke canine care. Our local Tulsa, Oklahoma business will remain small (we take on 12 dogs maximum!), so you know your dogs are only being cared for by the experts. Our promise is that quality and level of individual attention is always high, and safety is our number one priority. We run in small, tested groups for play, and carefully observe all dogs' behavior to ensure their comfort. Ultimately, our goal is to make sure your pet is safe, calm, and happy, and that dogs in training learn in a kind but practical fashion how to live in a human world. ​


DDITC encourages good canine citizenship – All dogs who undergo any of our dog training programs (Board and Train or Private Lessons) receive 10% OFF all dog boarding and dog daycare for the lifetime of the dog through our Good Canine Citizen Discount!


Dog Boarding

Dog boarding with us is safe, orderly, clean, and fun! We carefully match dogs with play partners (for those dogs that like to play, those that don’t aren’t forced into playing) and always have small (ideally no more than three dogs) play groups under professional, expert supervision.


Your dog is guaranteed to have plenty of mental stimulation, exercise, and quiet rest time.


Dogs are always under a watchful eye during the day, and monitored at night and during the day with technology – we are never more than a few yards away, as we live on the property.


We dedicate all of our time towards making sure the dogs have a calm, happy, and fun experience.

Private Lessons

From Beginner group classes to private one on one lessons, we offer exactly what you need! 

Our Beginner classes covers all basic skills, handling, and triaging problems  as well as giving you access to our advanced classes and boarding afterwards, what a deal! 

Too shy for group lessons? No problem! We also offer private lessons where we focus solely on you and your pup at any stage/level. 

Your dog is anxious or showing aggression? We can handle that too in our private lessons. 

Board and Train

Our board and train program works for dogs and puppies who need a great clean start, dogs with issues such as anxiety or aggression, or the wild-child in the family. Our goal with board and train is to give you the owner the life skill of dog handling so that you can use this knowledge with every dog in your life. Our board and train program is 3 weeks, plus a year of weekly elective lessons for support and access to our advanced group classes when ready for group work.

Board and Train covers:

Troubleshooting individual issues

Manners & Calm Dog

Sit Stay






Our Facility
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Welcome to Downtown Dog in the Country!

Our small scale, safe, climate controlled, quiet country facility on 2.5 acres is an ideal place for a dog to hang out while you’re away! We spend our days training, playing, and napping, and our facility is monitored 24 hours – come take a peek around!

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Jessica Cargill, M.S.

Jessica Cargill holds an M.S. in Biology and Behavioral Ecology from the University of Tulsa, and a bachelor’s in biology with an emphasis in behavior from the University of Central Florida. She has worked with literally thousands of dog and owner teams through group classes, service dog training, day training and board and train situations, and had the opportunity to mentor under and work with some of the most talented trainers in the country. Jessica learned dog training hands-on through a six year long apprenticeship with a highly skilled master trainer, and put in countless hours of work and practice to become a dedicated, pragmatic, skilled handler and trainer as well as a fun, personable teacher.

After hearing from a lot of her clients how much they appreciated her taking care of their dogs when they were away, and how safe they felt, Jessica decided that Tulsa, Oklahoma deserves a high-quality, small capacity dog boarding and dog training facility where people can rest assured their dogs are being cared for in a safe, sensible, clean, reliable and fun environment – and that her client dogs are kept to the same standard as her own beloved dogs.

We here at DDITC take dog training and boarding care very seriously, and hold ourselves to the highest of standards – and we hope to always be there for you when your dogs need a safe place to stay or learn!


Clayton Reese is the Kennel Manager at DDITC. His specializations are in ethology, paleontology, mammalogy, hunting and livestock guardian dogs, sled and wolfdogs. His roles are to ensure safe group dynamics, assess dogs for aggression and help develop training plans for managing all dogs safely and calmly, along with being an excellent farm operator, father and husband as of September 2020. He is an invaluable asset to our team.

Clayton Reese

About Us
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Tours Available By Appointment
5469 West 53rd St N, Tulsa, OK 74126

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Happy Dog

Michael L.   Tulsa, OK

"Jessica is wonderful! Not only does she take care of my puppy, but she also gives me advice on the best training tips. I don't know what I would do without her during the week."

Dog Outdoors

Rob M.   Little Rock, AR

"His happiness is obvious and real and tangible in the way of only dogs and very young children. So much we can do now because of Jessica Cargill’s long work with him. He really is a good boy. At last."


Francia K.     Alabama City, AL

"We're happy to have him back & more enjoyable then ever . . . I went to a lesson every week with him and the trainer. This way I was able to see him and learn myself. It was one of the best things we've done for him and for us. "

Dog Close Up

John M.     Dallas, TX

Jessica was awesome! I can't recommend her enough! She took the time to teach me how to train my Josey. It was so helpful. She also surprised me by sending me pics and videos of Josey playing with another dog. I highly recommend her!

dog in stripped shirt

Jennifer H.    Tulsa OK

"Jess is AMAZING!!! I could not have felt more comfortable leaving my fur-baby with her! She is very personable yet very professional at the same time! It made me feel good to know that not only would she show my girl lots of love and attention, she is also a trainer and was able to work with her while she was there. I will absolutely be using her again on our next vacation!"

Twin Dogs
Idgie & Ruth

Jamie & Randy P.     Alabama City, AL

"The thing that is so special and unique about Jessica is how well she immediately recognizes your needs as a human being, a dog parent, and handler! We have left both of our fur kids in the care of Jessica multiple times when we have traveled, and her care and expertise is unparalleled."

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